Oxford skyline, picture credit Kerri L Russell, used by permission

Japanese Studies at Oxford

University of Oxford

Faculty teaching about Japan and doing research on Japan
at the University of Oxford

Inge Daniels (BA Leuven, MA Nara, PhD UCL)
Associate Professor in Social Anthropology

Linda Flores (MA Washington, PhD UCLA)
Associate Professor in Japanese (Modern Japanese literature)

Bjarke Frellesvig (MA, PhD Copenhagen)
Professor of Japanese Linguistics

Roger Goodman (BA Durham, DPhil Oxford)
Nissan Professor of Modern Japanese Studies

Philip Grover
Assistant Curator, Photograph and Manuscript Collections, Pitt Rivers Museum

Jennifer L Guest (BA Yale, MA, MPhil, PhD Columbia)
Associate Professor in Japanese (Classical Japanese literature)

Junko Hagiwara (MA, Ealing College of Higher Education)
Senior Instructor in Japanese

Ekaterina Hertog (MA Moscow, MSc, DPhil Oxford)
Career Development Fellow in the Sociology of Japan

Hiroe Kaji (MA Ulster, MA Brookes University)
Instructor in Japanese Language

Takehiko Kariya (BA MA Tokyo, PhD Northwestern)
Professor in the Sociology of Japan

Sho Konishi (PhD Chicago)
Associate Professor in Modern Japanese History

James Lewis (MA, PhD Hawaiʻi)
Associate Professor in Korean History (Japanese diplomatic and economic history of the pre-modern period, Japanese-Korean relations)

Hiroaki Matsuura (BA Keio, MA Chicago, MSc Northwestern, ScDHarvard)
Departmental Lecturer in the Economy of Japan

Ian Neary (BA Sheffield, DPhil Sussex)
Professor in the Politics of Japan

Paul Newman (MEng Oxford, PhD Sydney)
BP Professor of Information Engineering

Kaori Nishizawa (BA Tsukuba)
Instructor in Japanese Language

Clare Pollard (MA Cambridge, DPhil Oxford)
Curator of Japanese Art at the Ashmolean

Kerri L Russell (MA, PhD Hawaiʻi)
Departmental Lecturer in Japanese Linguistics

Mari Sako (MSc, PhD London)
Professor in Management Studies (Saïd Business School; Japanese management and labour)

Tuukka Toivonen (MSc, DPhil Oxford)
Junior Research Fellow (Management) at Green Templeton College

Izumi Tytler (MA London)
Bodleian Japanese Librarian (Bodleian Japanese Library)

M Antoni J Üçerler (DPhil Oxford)
Research Scholar (Campion Hall; Japanese-Western contacts in the 16th and 17th centuries)

Pamela Wace (MSc Reading, DPhil Oxford)
Research Associate (The Pitt Rivers Museum; Japanese Archaeology)

Hugh Whittaker (PhD Imperial College, London)
Professor in the Economy of Japan